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Hydra Calming Gel Mask

As we age our skin tends to lost it capability for maintaining its moisture balance. Our skin will age due to losing moisture, causing many problems like aging, sensitive, unbalance of skin tone, losing elasticity, oiliness on skin etc. HYDRA CALMING GEL MASK is our “top selling” Treatment Mask for all skin conditions, especially caused by environmental pollutant. It deeply hydrate the skin to give your skin instant glow HYDRA CALMING GEL MASK has a high content of natural ingredients by helping your skin to absorb it benefits, giving soothing, hydration, anti-aging effect. With the help of the ingredients like Bisabolol, Chamomile,Salicornia Herbacae Extract, Aloe Vera, it prevent your skin from aging and manged your oily skin too!


Skin type:

All skin 

Volume / Weight:




SOYO- Hydra Calming Gel Mask

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