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Lamellar Powdery Foundation

Refill only. Casing is not included.

The powdery foundation absorbs excess sebum and sweat while moisturizing your skin and keeps the finish clean all day long. The SPF effect also cuts ultraviolet rays and enhances function. It is a natural color variation that is easy to become familiar with Japanese skin, and it does not float white. In combination with gel foundation, it is also possible to produce your skin with a more grade feeling. SPF23 PA++

Direction for use:

As 2 in 1 powdery make-up, to fill wrinkle and fine line, to make skin more evenly and brighten.

Featured Ingredients:

Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C derivative, Elastin, Meadowsweet, Astaxanthin Capsule, Lamellar Powder, Flower Petal Powder


All Skin Type, Faith, Foundation, Insist, Makeup, Skin Type,

FAITH Lamellar Powdery Foundation

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